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Direct Read between Data Warehouse and Staging Databases

Previous versions of Jet Enterprise supported two ways of transferring data: with or through SSIS. Either way the Jet Data Manger acts as a middle man between the source and destination. This is usually not a problem with on-premise servers but it can be an issue when you move to the cloud. Since the version 17.5 of Jet Enterprise can use Azure SQL Database for the repository, data warehouse, and staging databases we have added a new transfer option, direct read, to cut Jet Enterprise out of the loop. When you enable direct read Jet Enterprise will generate T-SQL code that will move data directly from the staging database to the data warehouse. For the feature to work, some prerequisites must be met:

• On Azure SQL Database, the staging and data warehouse databases need to be in the same database.

• On SQL Server, the databases need to be on the same server.

The feature can be enabled on the data warehouse level:




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