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Jet Enterprise - Release Notes

Listing of changes made in previous versions of Jet Enterprise



Overview of the New Features and Improvements in Jet Enterprise 2017

Jet Enterprise 2017 (17.1) introduced a number of important new features and improvements. Below is an introduction to the changes made in this version of Jet Enterprise.


Feature Description KB Article
JDM Simple Mode For situations where you simply need to copy data on a one-to-one basis from your data source to your staging database, Simple Mode is optimized for speed. Jet Data Manager Simple Mode
Improved Data Selection In JDM 17.1, selecting all tables from a data source for including in the staging database is now a one-click operation, and a wizard is now available for selecting table and fields from the data source. Creating a Data Selection Rule
Data Selection Templates Data Selection (xml) templates contain information about the selected tables, fields, primary keys, and incremental load settings you use, and allow you to apply these same settings to additional projects Reuse Data Source Selections
Incremental Load Wizard When you have more than a trivial amount of data in a table, incremental load becomes incredibly useful. While setting up incremental load for a single table is fast and easy in previous versions of the JDM, in this release you can set up incremental load for any number of tables in a wizard-style interface. Configuration of Incremental Loading
Automated Delete Handling for Incremental Load If you use incremental load on a data source, and records are deleted, the tables in your data warehouse can become out of sync with the data source. In Jet Data Manager 17.1, automated delete handling is available as an option on incrementally loaded tables. Configuration of Incremental Loading
Using 'Raw-Only' fields "Raw-Only" fields can now be defined in a staging database to allow you to define fields which may be used for calculations or data cleansing (ie: behind the scenes stuff) but wouldn't need to be displayed to the end users for reporting. Using 'Raw-Only' Fields to Hide Data not Needed for Reporting Purposes
Overriding Data Types

The world of data is growing and new data sources appear every day. These sources can vary wildly but when you consolidate them all in one data warehouse, all data needs to have a data type that conforms to the Microsoft SQL Server.

The JDM now includes a new Data Type Override feature to handle tasks like these.

Synchronization of Data Types in the Data Warehouse
Improved Snippet Management  

All snippets are now managed in one consolidated window, from where, you can add, edit, organize, import, and export all snippets regardless of the type. To further streamline the snippets feature business functions have been renamed OLAP snippets.

How to use SQL and Business Function (OLAP) Snippets
Easier Application of Constraint Suggestions

In the new version of the JDM, you can now get primary and foreign key constraint suggestions for all tables in a staging database or data source and apply them all at one time. This functionality uses the new Automate wizard interface that also powers the new incremental load setup feature.

Constraint Suggestions In The Jet Data Manager
Setting Database Schemas at the Data Source Level In previous versions of Jet Data Manager you could define a database schema at the data warehouse level and the table level. In scenarios where the number of tables is very large, schema usage can very useful for keeping tables organized. Jet Data Manager 17.1 allows you to set a schema at the data source level as well.  Database Schema
Safer and Faster Hashing Algorithms In Jet Data Manager 17.1, we have overhauled the hashing algorithm to make it easier to debug hashed fields and to address some limitations in the earlier implementation that could cause problems with very large history-enabled rows. Hashing Algorithms in the Jet Data Manager
Setting Data Type Defaults for New Fields The Add Custom Field dialog now includes an option to set your own default settings for a specific data type - allowing you to add multiple fields with settings that deviate from standard defaults Set Data Type Defaults for New Fields In The Jet Data Manager
Remove Highlighting of Object with Descriptions It is now optional for the JDM to display objects with descriptions in bold face. Remove Highlighting of Objects with a Description in the Jet Data Manager
Configuring Security on Tables in the Staging Database. In previous versions of Jet Data Manager security could only be managed on the data warehouse. Because it can very useful, we have added the security setting to the staging database, as well. Configuring Staging Database Security


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