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Videos for Dynamics NAV


Accessing Your NAV Data
High Performance connection for Dynamics NAV with Jet Professional How to configure a high-performance SQL-direct Data Source for Dynamics NAV 2013 or higher with Jet Professional

Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS) Data Source for NAV

Provides system administrators with information about how to set up the Data Service and configure a data source to use it with Jet Professional

Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and earlier

How to configure a Data Source for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and earlier


Configuring NAV Web Services
Configuring NAV Web Services

How to configure NAV Web Services (2013 and higher) for use with Jet Professional.  

Video #1 in the two-part series.

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Using Dynamics NAV Web Services

How to configure a Data Source using NAV's Web Services for Dynamics NAV 2013 or higher with Jet Professional.

Video #2 in the two-part series.  



The GL() Function  
The GL Function for NAV

An interactive tutorial for using the GL function with a Dynamics NAV data source

Need help on creating your first reports?


Pre-Built Reports
Modifying pre-built reports How to adapt Jet Reports pre-built reports for your specific environment.


Installation and General Info

Introduction to Jet Professional
and Jet Enterprise
An introduction to the components of Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise, what they do, and where they are installed.
Installation Methods  An user's guide to installing the Jet Excel Add-in 

Activating your Jet License How to activate your Jet License for Jet Professional and Jet Essentials 2013 and higher


Helpful Jet Product Features
Jet Function Wizard (Jfx) An overview of the Jet Function Wizard
Jet Browser - Intro An introduction to the user of the Jet Browser
Jet Browser - Drag and Drop How to use the Jet Browser's Drag-and-Drop functionality
Jet Browser - Importing NAV Table Details How to import Dynamics NAV table details into the Jet Browser. 

Introduction to Table Builder

An introduction to the Jet Professional Table Builder

See more details about using the Table Builder


Looking for more information?  See our complete list of videos

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