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Jet Reports User Information - Policies & Procedures


User Types

Viewer A Viewer is required for each individual that refreshes the data, changes filters, schedules, and uses drilldown in reports or dashboards. Viewers can also create ad hoc analysis from the cubes in PivotTable format with Jet Enterprise or view and refresh Enterprise dashboards viewed in the Jet Web Portal. Viewers are named during the activation process.  
Professional Designer A Professional Designer is a named user that can create or modify Jet reports solely within Jet Professional Excel add-in. 
Enterprise Designer An Enterprise Designer is a named user that can use the full suite of Jet Reports products, specifically, creating or modifying Jet Reports within Jet Professional, Jet Enterprise, and the Jet Dashboard Builder. To authenticate a user for a Designer license, the user’s full name, e-mail address, and domain name/login must be provided.

For more information see  What is a Designer? A Viewer? An Excel User?


Connectors and Licensing (Activation Codes)

Professional Connector A Professional Connector is required to connect directly to a data source. Data sources may be databases or other sources such as files or Excel documents made available through ODBC or OLE connections. Each data source requires a separate Professional Connector.

Professional Connectors are available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Universal. The Universal Connector will connect to most ODBC/OLE compliant databases.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – This connector type verifies the license number on the Dynamics NAV server with the Jet Reports license number and the two must match.

Microsoft Dynamics GP – This connector type automatically translates the master and company databases in the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution and so one Connector will manage all required GP databases.

Note: Some areas of the product and licensing may refer to Universal when supporting one of the other connector types. This doesn’t indicate that there is an error in your licensing or product.

Enterprise Connector An Enterprise Connector is required for each data source that is accessed by data warehouses or cubes. This connectivity is typically accomplished using the Jet Data Manager. Enterprise Connectors provide access to the data warehouse, the cubes and direct connectivity for one data source. If an Enterprise Connector is used to access data from a data source, a separate Professional Connector for the same source is not needed. 
Dynamics NAV Sessions For versions prior to Dynamics NAV 2013, Jet Professional requires a Dynamics NAV session while calculating. If Dynamics NAV is already open on the computer, Jet Reports requires an additional session during calculation. Because these versions utilize a concurrent connection while accessing data, a separate DCO connection from Microsoft is not required.
Jet Reports Activation Code Jet Reports products require an Activation Code. Web-based Activation replaced Jet Reports license files (.JLFs) with the release of Jet Professional 2013. The Activation Code is provided at time of sale. You can view Activation Codes and license details for you and your customers through the Jet Licensing Portal. For customers that are current on AEP you can also make some changes to Jet licenses using the Licensing Portal, including designer and viewer names or connector details. To request access to the portal, Regional Jet Reports representative.


Privacy Policy

Customer Experience Improvement Program

This program helps Jet Reports improve our software. Without interrupting users or slowing down computers, it collects statistical information collected about how Jet Reports is used by the users. The information collected is anonymous and cannot be used to identify or contact users. Jet Reports does not collect sensitive information such as the results of Jet Reports functions or the contents of reports.

This program is voluntary and may be opted into or out of during activation or from the administrative settings area of Jet Reports.

Non-Disclosure Policy Jet Reports employees will sometimes be requested to review or take possession of sensitive information that belongs to outside parties. In order to ensure proper handling of this information, we request that an authorized individual from the organization providing the data sign a mutual non-disclosure prior to transfer or review of sensitive information.


Annual Enhancement Program (AEP)

Renewal Rate

The Annual Enhancement Program (AEP) entitles customers to the services indicated below.

  • AEP is invoiced on an annual basis.
  • The rate is based on the license value and is subject to change.
  • License value is determined on the basis of list price at the time of sale.
New Purchases AEP is required on all purchases. For new licenses, one year of AEP is included and required. AEP on subsequent purchases is billed at the same rate, but the period is pro-rated to match the next renewal date on the license. For example if software is purchased in January, one year of AEP is included. If additional software for the same license is purchased in March of the same year, 10 months of AEP are included. Pro-rating is calculated on the basis of days.
Support Allows access to Jet Reports Support Site,, Customers may post unlimited support tickets (responses will be posted within one business day) and have full access to available Knowledgebase articles.
Software Updates Customers current on AEP are entitled to new versions of Jet Reports software including new features and functionality that have been added to the product. Customers that are not current on AEP may still use the version of Jet Reports that was available when they were last current, but cannot install newer versions. This is enforced by the software.
License Updates and Changes Customers that are current on AEP are entitled to license changes including changing data sources and named users.
Removing Licenses Customers that are current on AEP are able to remove licensed users or features for the purpose of downsizing their reoccurring renewal. The following conditions apply:
  • Only complete products/items can be removed, not components of items. For instance, a purchased Jet Reports package is a single item, and it is not permissible to deactivate only parts of the package.
  • All removed software is permanently eliminated and full repurchase at current retail will be required to reactivate.
  • All AEP revaluing will occur at current retail.
  • Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise packages cannot be downgraded.
  • The purchase price of removed licenses will not be refunded.
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