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Report Modes

Design mode is used to create reports. In Design mode, Jet function results are optimized for speed and are not guaranteed to bring back correct results.

Report mode is the result of running the report against your database.

Refresh enters report mode but clears all cached formula results prior to running the report data. This may make the report take longer to complete, but will guarantee that the most current database results are returned.



Design Tools

Jet Function Wizard (Jfx)
Provides an intuitive way for users to insert GL or NL(Table) functions into a worksheet.


Table Builder
The Table Builder creates an Excel table (from one or more database tables) which can be used as the basis for pivot tables and charts.


Report Tools

To perform a drilldown with Dynamics NAV, click the down arrow button that appears next to any cell containing a Jet formula for which drilldown is possible, or select the cell and click Drilldown on the Jet ribbon.

By default, a data source for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 will drill down into the Dynamics NAV classic client. If a you wish to use the Drilldown Grid instead, open the Data Source Settings window and select the data source for which to use the Drilldown Grid. On the General page, in the Drilldown group, select Use the Jet Reports data grid.

Debug helps diagnose problems with Jet functions. When a Jet function results in an error, #VALUE! will appear in the worksheet cell containing the function. To debug the function, select the cell containing the error and choose Debug. A message that helps explain the problem will be displayed.


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