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Jet Express Table Builder


The Jet Express Table Builder helps you to insert an NL("Table") function in your workbook.

Help Topics

This creates an Excel table (from one or more database tables) which can be used as the basis for pivot tables and charts.

The Table Builder provides an interface which allows for easy table, field,and filter selections.


TIP: When using the Table Builder or the NL("Table") function with both a header and a detail table (e.g., NAV's Sales Header and Sale Line tables), you will usually want to make sure that the detail table is the first one referenced. This will allow you to display more information than if you start with the header table.
Note: Although the Jet Express Table Builder does not provide a method for editing an existing table you have created, you can accomplish the same results by re-creating a table (and including any changes you want) using the Table Builder.
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