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Jet Express Report Options

To display the Report Options window when running a report, you use the following worksheet tags: Option, Title, Value, and Tooltip.

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Each row of the worksheet containing an option you want to appear in the Report Options window must contain the Option tag in Column A. The column containing the titles of the options must contain the Title tag in Row 1. The column containing the actual option values which you should refer to in your report must contain the Value tag in Row 1. The intersection of the Options rows with the Title and Value columns create the report options.

It is also possible to display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a particular Report Option. To do so, add the optional Tooltip tag in Row 1 of your report options page. The message to be displayed with each option must be written on the corresponding row containing the Option tag.

The following table exhibits a simple example:

  A B C D
1 Auto+Hide+Values Title Value Tooltip
2 Option Customer * Select which customers will be displayed on the report.
3 Option Open TRUE Select whether you would like to see open transactions.


When you run a report with report options, the Report Options window will be displayed.

If the report options are on a worksheet that you would like to hide from the user, simply append +HideSheet to the tag in cell A1.

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