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Installing Jet Express for Excel

Installing and enabling the Jet Express Excel add-in is a simple process.

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After downloading the Jet Express installer, right-click on the setup executable and select Run as Administrator.

This must be done even if you are already logged in as an administrator - in order for the installation to run with elevated privileges.

You can upgrade any stand-alone installation of Jet without uninstalling previous versions.  If you use the Jet Service Tier for shared data sources, you can upgrade any version of Jet 15.1 or higher without uninstalling.


Enabling the Jet Express for Excel Add-in

The Jet Express for Excel add-in must be enabled in Excel for each user who intends to use it.

If, during installation, you select to create a "Jet Reports" desktop icon...

...double clicking that icon...

...automatically ensures that the Jet Express for Excel add-in is enabled.

Another simple method is to select the Enable option from the Jet Express for Excel Program menu.  Enabling the add-in can be also done manually by following these steps:

  1. Open the Excel Add-Ins Window (File | Options | Add-Ins)
  2. Choose to Manage Excel Add-ins  
  3. Click Go...
  4. Click the Browse button and browse to the "JetReports" program folder.
  5. Select JetReports.xlam. 
  6. Click Yes to overwrite the file if prompted, then click OK.

Upon enabling successfully, the Jet ribbon will become visibile in Excel

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