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Help Topics - A Table of Contents

Here are topics to help you gain familiarity with and use the Jet Excel add-in.


What is Jet Professional?  

Installation and Configuration   
  Installation Guide   
  Technical Specifications   
  Additional Resources  
  Configuring Jet Professional   
    Application Settings   
    Data Source Settings   
      Configuring for Dynamics NAV 
      Configuring for Dynamics GP
      Configuring for Universal/SQL 
      Configuring for a Jet Data Warehouse 
      Configuring for Jet Enterprise Cubes 
    Sharing Data Sources   
      How to connect to the Jet Service Tier 
      What is the Jet Service Tier 
      Using the Jet Administration Console 
    Advanced Dynamics NAV Configuration  
      Updating Drilldown Forms 
      Serenic Navigator User Access Rules 
Jet User Interface   
  Jet Function Wizard (Jfx)   
  Report Wizard     
  Report Builder     
  Table Builder     
     Browser Keywords   
    Drilldown in Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and earlier  
    Drilldown in Dynamics NAV 2013 and later 
    GL Drilldown with Dynamics GP
    Grid Drilldown  
  Pivot Table  
  Jet Scheduler  
    How to use the Jet Professional Scheduler
    Configuring SMTP Settings for the Jet Scheduler
  User Data  
  GP Update Utility  
  Data View Creator  
  Database Caption Editor  
  NL Function  
    Filtering Data   
      Blank Filters
      Special Characters in a Filter
      Specifying more than 10 filters
      Limiting the Number of records in a query
      Excluding closing dates
      Databases with multiple schemas
      Filtering on Data from another Table
      Linking to Other Tables using LINK=
      Linking to Other Tables using NL(Filter)
      Dynamics NAV Drilldown with Filtering on Data from Another Table
    Retrieving Special Fields with NL(Table) 
    Sorting for Replicating Functions 
    Using SQL=  
  NF Function  
  NP Function  
  GL Function  
    Dynamics NAV GL Function 
    Dynamics GP GL Function 
  Jet GP Views    
  Keyboard Shortcuts  
  Jet Professional Keywords
  Building Reports from Multiple Databases


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