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Using Folders in the Jet Hub

To help you organize your Jet Hub reports, administrators can create folders that can then be utilized by all Jet Hub users.


Administrators are determined by the Security Level configured within the Jet Administration Console:


From within the Jet Hub, the admin will select New Folder:


and then provide the name of the folder:


Once the folder is created, it is now available to all users of the Jet Hub:


To move reports to a folder, simply select the reports you which to move (in this case, the three reports on the right): 


The interface of the Jet Hub supports using drag-and-drop for moving reports to a lower folder:


or the user can click the Move button...


...navigate to the folder to where the reports are to be moved...


...and then click the Move Here button:


The reports will then be moved to the folder


Double click on the folder to see the reports within it:


The "breadcrumb" at the top of the window lets you know which folder you are currently in:


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