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Error: Cannot set StorageEngineMode property of database 'OlapServer' to 'Traditional'


The user will receive the following error if the OLAP server is pointed at an Analysis Services instance that is installed to run in tabular mode. This is a bug that can only occur SQL Server version 2012.

"Cannot set StorageEngineMode property of database 'OlapServer' to 'Traditional' because Analysis Services is in Tabular mode."


The OLAP Server needs to be redirected to an instance of Analysis Services (SSAS) set to run in multidimensional server mode.

To ensure the SSAS server mode:

  1. Open SQL Server Managment Studio (SSMS)
  2. Connect to the instance of Analysis Services (SSAS)
  3. Right-click the Analysis Server and select Properties
  4. Ensure the Server mode is set to Multidimensional

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