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Installing the Jet Excel add-in from the Jet Hub

This information refers to the Jet Hub version 2017 R2 and higher


The Jet Hub provides you with the ability to install the Jet Excel add-in quickly and easily.

  1. Once you have logged in to the Hub, click the download arrow (to the upper right) and select Download Excel Add-in.

    Your web browser will handle copying the installation program to your computer:

    (the exact location will depend upon your specific browser)
  2. Once that process is complete, run the installation program.

    Click Install to start the installation of the Jet Excel Add-in:

  3. When the installation is complete, you have the option to start Excel with the Jet add-in and/or to add a desktop shortcut to start it in the future:

You are now ready to use the Jet Excel Add-in.

The advantages to using this method to install the Jet Excel add-in are:

  • Ease of install (with just three-clicks, you are are ready)
  • All your settings are already configured.  Your connection to settings used by the Jet Hub is already configured – so you have immediate access to all of your data sources. This eliminates the need for you to know where your settings are stored or how to set up a data source.
  • The Excel add-in is automatically activated so you do not have to obtain or enter your license activation code.
  • The version of the Excel add-in always matches the version of the Jet Hub, ensuring compatibility.
  • When the version of the Jet Hub is upgraded, you can quickly and easily repeat the process to upgrade your Excel add-in and seamlessly benefit from all the latest functionality.
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